Top 5 Worst Corporate Uniforms

At Recreational Screen Printing, we’ve had some good laughs over the years from some of the corporate uniforms we’ve seen around. And while we feel bad for those who have to wear them because their bosses are clearly very un-cool, some of them are still hilarious. With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of the five worst corporate uniforms that we have ever seen, and we’re really glad we don’t have to wear them.

Please, no one try and compete.

5 Worst Corporate Uniforms

  1. Gondoliers at the Venetian

    I would honestly despise my job if my uniform consisted of a striped shirt, flared black pants, a red sash, and a hat to top it all off. Sure, it’s cool for about a day, but we can imagine those uniforms getting pretty old pretty fast. All in the name of tourism though, right?

  2. Mormon Missionaries

    Just in case you don’t know what a Mormon missionary is, they’re those guys that come knocking on your door trying to convert you to their faith. They wear those insanely bland “suits” that all look the same, and considering the fact they already can’t swear, drink alcohol, or consume caffeine, you’d think they could jazz it up with a nicer uniform.

  3. U.S. Postal Workers

    A few seasons back, Project Runway had a challenge where they had to redesign the US postal service uniforms, and I’ll never forget the groans that came from the designers after having to wear the uniforms themselves. Even with all the uniform options available to accommodate different climates, each and every one remains the same dull navy and grey.

  4. Fast Food Workers

    Considering that no one really want to actually work in the fast food industry, we’re also pretty sure no one wants to wear one of those uniforms. Hotdog on a Stick employees have it the worst with their blue, red, and yellow uniforms that come with a hat, but no fast food uniform is ideal. If you end up getting a job in the fast food industry, apply to places that stick to the t-shirt method as far as a standard uniform is concerned.

  5. Hooters

    While the orange shorts and white tank top combo has been a Hooters staple and keeps the fans coming back for more, they’re still horrible and don’t do a lot for the women’s movement. Hooter’s was actually sued several times over their uniform policy as well as for their hiring process, but alas, the restaurant still stands with the same minimal uniforms for work.

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