How to Get Started on a Company Logo Design

At Recreational Screen Printing we’ve seen a lot of horrible company logos in our day, and quite frankly, we’ve had enough of it. Every business deserves to have a logo that represents their brand in an attractive way rather than making whoever is looking at it think, “Is that from clip-art?” Now where do all these companies go wrong you may wonder? Well, it’s usually because they go to the literal drawing board before they even think about what they want their logo to convey.

When you’re designing a company logo, the first step is to articulate (without a sketch pad) what you want your logo to convey to the public eye. If you’re struggling to do this, try summing it up in one sentence with an image, and try to have that sentence focus around your mission statement.

Now, once you’ve got the wheels in your head turning, it’s time to try some additional brainstorming tactics.

Focus on your message

Obviously your message is what is going to separate your logo from others which is why you need to dive deeper into it. Does your company have a distinct and serious personality, or is it more lighthearted? What makes your company unique? Who is your target audience?

Look at the competitors

Consider who the leaders in your industry are. The reason they’re in the lead may have several underlying factors, but their logo is definitely one of them. Look at the types of images they use, the type of font, and whether or not they use fancy and flashy graphics. All of these elements could help you with your companies design.

Keep it clean

No one wants to look at a cluttered logo. Therefore, you want to make sure you have clean and legible font as well as an image that anyone can make out. You also want to consider whether or not you’ll be printing swag items or even just uniforms for your employees, if you are, then you’ll need to make sure the logo is flexible and easily printed on fabric. At Recreational Screen Printing, we can help you determine whether or not your drafted logo is eligible for printing.

Don’t do a 180

If you’re redesigning your logo and already have a reliable client base, you want to make sure you do gradual logo changes rather than completely changing it out of nowhere. This will do nothing but confuse your clients and customers. So again, if you’re redesigning your logo, make small changes overtime.

If you need corporate logo design or custom tee shirts, contact us at Recreational Screen Printing. We’ll make sure to work with you on your order so you’re getting exactly what you wanted rather than dealing with any problems other printing companies may have you run into.

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