Tips for Ordering Custom Uniforms for Your Employees

Investing in apparel for your company has several benefits, from looking like one unit to being able to promote your company outside of the office. If you design your custom corporate uniforms right, you can even produce them as “swag items” and it’ll spread your company’s name far and wide. Plus, if your customer’s are satisfied with their service, they’ll more likely be willing to show support and buy one of your retail items.

So, when you’re considering investing in customized corporate uniforms, what are some of the things that you’ll need to consider? Well, at Recreational Screen Printing, we compiled a list of tips for you to look into when you begin the ordering process.

3 Tips for Ordering Corporate Uniforms

  1. Determine your Brand

    Your brand is what describes your businesses personality. You want to let your uniforms reflect that personality by coming up with a few adjectives that describe your company. Whether it’s fun, reliable, personable, or distinguished, those adjectives will help you come up with a color scheme, logo, and other factors. The decoration of your apparel is going to reflect what type of company you own and what type of company your employees work for.

  2. Pick Your Style of Apparel

    Whether you want to order shirts, hats, sweaters, polo’s or all of the above, it’s important to figure out how much you want to order and in which sizes. The screen printing company that you choose should be able to help you better determine the styles of garments that you want because they’ll be able to give your pricing and availability. Also, keep in mind that the more garments you order, the longer it could take; therefore you want to give your screen printer a two week turnaround time. The longer you wait to order, the more expensive the rush will be.

  3. Consider the Design

    There are a few different ways to print logo’s onto clothing. The processes available are screen printing, embroidery, and printing digitally. If you’re ordering more casual apparel, screen printing is the direction you want to go in, but if you’re ordering golf style polo’s, then you may want to embroider them.

If you’re in need of company apparel, or if you want to order swag items to give to your customers in an effort to spread your brand, contact us at Recreational Screen Printing and we’ll work with you to design quality custom apparel for your business with their easy design tools.

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