New Custom Jersey Designs for The Houston Rockets

In an effort to support their Chinese fans, the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors will be sporting custom jerseys that will be worn for one night in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Not that either team has an impressive record in the NBA this season, these jersey’s most likely won’t help.

Honestly, we should have submitted one of our custom Recreational Screen Printing designs – actually, we would have if they had taken suggestions. After all, custom screen printing is one of the latest hot commodities on today’s market and we’re sure we’ve got the best.

So, what’s one of the worst things about the advertisement unveiling these new uniforms that was done?

The Houston Rockets used Yao Ming in theirs. Ming has been out of the NBA for four years now. They should have just left the ad with Dwight Howard instead of the two of them!

Now, over the years, we’ve seen some pretty ridiculous attempts by professional sports organizations to switch up their uniform game. Most recently was the whole “short sleeved NBA jersey” ordeal. We’re sorry, but basketball jerseys should be sleeveless – don’t you want your point guard to have the most mobility while wearing their uniform? Then there was the whole “throwback” with the Pittsburg Steelers where they looked like a group of bumble bees running around the field.

Designing Custom Sports Uniforms

When you’re designing uniforms for your team, there are three things you need to consider:

  1. The brand. What are the team colors and is the organization still being represented?
  2. The players. You want them to be mobile and be proud of their team.
  3. The sport. You’re not going to get hockey jerseys for your soccer team.


So, with that being said no, we don’t approve of the Houston Rocket’s new uniforms to represent the Chinese New Year. Yes of course it’s a great thing to show support for since the fans keep the professional sports worlds turning, but they could have done a way better job. It’s like they took some jersey’s from the D-league, changed the name and that was all. All we’re saying is that if they’re such a huge organization, put a little more effort into the special occasion jersey design.

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