3 Tips for Ordering Custom Sports Apparel

When athletes receive new uniforms and spirit gear, it really lets them know that the season is here and it’s time to walk away with a winning record, maybe even a championship. So, when you’ve made the decision that it’s time to start ordering those new uniforms and clothing, there are a few things you want to consider in terms of the design and ordering.

Choosing new custom sports apparel can be an intimidating task because that’s how your team is being represented to the crowd so; you want the custom jerseys to reflect the spirit of the players as well as the school.

3 Design Tips to Consider When Ordering Custom Jerseys


    The material you choose for the new uniforms can affect the athlete’s performance, which is why you want to consider what your options are. Most uniforms are made from the standard jersey material, while other options include:

    • Cotton
    • Pro-Mesh
    • Polyester

    When choosing the material, you want to consider the sport you’re choosing them for, this will help you better determine whether the uniforms need to be tighter, or if they should fit more loosely. Also, look into choosing materials that make sweating more comfortable for the athlete, because there are some fabrics out there that are specially designed for that.

  2. LOGO and COLOR

    If the uniform is for a school team, then you’re most likely already set with the logo and color element of the jersey design. However, if you’re ordering uniforms for a recreational team, you want to make sure that your colors not only work together, but they also help your team stand out amongst the others. When it comes to the logo, your printer should be able to help you identify where the logo will look best and at what size.


    If you aren’t able to personalize the uniforms, spirit gear is an excellent way to help the athletes stick out a bit, plus it will help make them easier to identify. Plus, if you order extra spirit gear with just the team logo and name, it’s a great way to raise money for tournaments and future seasons if you sell it as merchandise at games for the parents, friends, and other spectators.

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