When Are Screen Printed T’s a Great Idea?

custom t-shirts

T-shirts for corporate events and fundraisers are becoming more and more popular. There is a growing need for organizations to be able to supply T-shirts to those who are in attendance to be able to celebrate their organization and event, and be able to remember it when it is over. Getting a screen printed T-shirt for a fundraiser such as a marathon run or an office getaway is a great memento!

So when is a Screen Printed T-shirt a good idea? This is the question office managers and event coordinators are asking. Everyone is on a budget, so it helps to be able to know when the right time is to invest in custom tee shirts. The thing is, there are several occasions for which this is a good idea. It’s practically summer all year round here in South Florida and the Palm Beaches, and there is always a great event right around the corner that could be perfect for a custom made T shirt.

Events that are Perfect for Custom T-Shirts


5K runs, silent auctions, and many other events that do fundraising for sports teams or non-profit organizations are perfect occasions to get custom tee shirts done. There are many people in attendance at these sort of events that will want to remember the time they ran a marathon to support a cause they are passionate about. Or it could be a day to commemorate because of the money raised to support a pop warner football team. Whatever the occasion and particular event is, fundraisers are known for their T-shirts.

Corporate Events

Business getaways and events can be tricky because there are many events that require attendees to be dressed up and in formal attire. At first glance this wouldn’t be the proper event for a T-shirt design. Company barbecues, corporate parties, and even golf events are perfect for Custom T-shirts. They promote comradery and a sense of togetherness. It’s the perfect way to bring an office together and raise morale.

Team Sports Events

Whether an intramural team, a corporate flag football squad, or even youth basketball or soccer, there is always room in sports for the custom T-shirt. Most times these sports teams will have a jersey that they use during games, but practices and team meetings are a great place to don the team T-shirt. Not to mention these shirts make a memory of the year of participating on a certain team.

There are all sorts of events that are great for custom T-shirts, and even custom jerseys when the time calls for it. For corporate screen printing and T-shirt designs as well as the printing that go along with it, the best option is Epic Promos . We are the experts in design and screen printing here in sunny South Florida and are committed to the satisfaction of every customer we meet. Give a call today at 561-757-5479!