The Art of Design

hand press screen printing


Screen printing and design are really art forms. The most meticulous design can result in a horrible mess if the wrong colors or canvas are used. Knowing what to look for during the design process can help you avoid any costly mistakes.

Working Out The Details

Sketching a piece before using software to bring it to life may help you solve any problems with detail. Simple classic designs are still bestsellers, although many designers enjoy more intricate pieces. Some designers skip the paper sketch and create images on a software program. You can purchase these programs through retail online stores or brick-and-mortar electronic stores.

Designers create images containing a single compound path for each color. Most printers recommend using Pantone colors as these are universal and the most efficient way of making sure the color shades match. Using the software program, you can create the transparency that will be needed for screen printing. You can manipulate the image before printing the transparency. After the screen is created, your complimentary colors can be added to enrich the design.

Choosing The Printers

Unless you plan to screen print the design yourself, professional printers can deliver exceptional work. It is critical to prepare your design for the printers. Most images can be sent as vector files electronically. You may be asked to leave any layering and scale the image to print size. A professional printer can recommend the right type of shirt and take into account the various weights and textures.

If you choose to screen print your design, you will want to research the machines available on the market. You will want to consult the user’s manual before operating. The following is a list of tips to remember when using the machine with your design:

  • Check your ink quality. If the ink is not the right consistency, it can ruin a wonderful design. Before disposing of thick ink, try stirring it into a creamy texture as the ink can settle.
  • Secure the screens tightly. You will not want the screens moving during the printing process as this will cause bleeding in your design.
  • Make sure the squeegee is sharp. It is recommended to sharpen the tool when necessary to avoid uneven disbursement.

Whether you choose to design your own images or use a template, you may want to consider studying more on the art of design.