How to Come Up with a Design for a Shirt

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Coming up with a design for a shirt can be confusing and even intimidating. If you are in charge of this year’s company tee shirts, there is no need to fret. Creating designs can be an easy process.

Develop Your Concept

Developing a concept starts with identifying your target audience. You can use your company’s analytics to confirm who the ideal customer is that you should be targeting. Most people wear tee shirts with no regard for gender, race, or age. This makes this type of shirt the easiest to market.

Your concept, just like your company’s logo, should be unique. You can create a distinctive piece by applying the psychology of colors and shapes to attract attention. Since this design will be going to the printers, be sure to use few colors and keep the design somewhat simple. If the design is complex with various color gradients, it may be difficult for the screen printing to give the expected results.

Sketch out your design in actual size and pin it to a shirt to get an idea of what the finished piece will look like. If you are designing the shirt for a large company, then get feedback from other employees before going to the printers. Most design software tools will allow you to move the placement of your design to create balance.

Screen printers will appreciate your design in Pantone colors as it makes matching the exact shade easier as these colors are universal. Choose colors that complement each other and try to use as few as possible for less of a chance of a printing error. Pastel and other light colors will require a dark outline and look better on a darker shirt.

Using Templates To Design Shirts

If you are stuck on the design for your company’s shirts, templates may be the easier option. Templates are customizable and with most template tools you can make changes online with a click of the mouse. You control the text, colors, and font. If your company prefers to use their own unique logo, you can upload it quickly. This method is for shirts with a simpler design, although you can get ideas from these templates.

Creating a design for a shirt does not need to be complex. Keep your design and color scheme simple and customize templates if needed.