What Makes a Good Logo?

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When people see your logo it should be recognizable and represent your business. It must remain clear and vibrant during the screen printing process and when manipulated digitally. A great deal goes into creating a logo that will resonate with a target audience.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Logos are developed with the audience in mind. If your company serves mostly high income fashionable women, you will want to steer clear of any masculine aspects in the logo. By targeting the ideal customer, you will be attracting the right type of business. Analyze data to get an idea of your company’s ideal customer. These specific analytics as well as your company’s marketing message can be valuable to a logo designer.

Choose a Classic and Unique

Over the years a company may change its logo, however it is better to use the classic approach during development. A logo that is too trendy, risks becoming outdated and irrelevant in the future. The goal is to make the logo recognizable to your customer with only a glance. This will require an original clean design striving for a simplistic image.

Psychology is used during logo development. An effective logo attracts the right customer with a certain color, shape, and font. The following are a list of logo colors and their intended message:

  • Green – natural
  • Red – energy
  • Pink – feminine
  • Blue – integrity
  • Black – strong
  • Purple – creative
  • Orange – social
  • Yellow – optimism

Fonts and shapes can convey different meanings. Cursive fonts tend to display creativity while block letters can lean towards masculinity. Circles reinforce unity and community and squares can mean balance and professionalism.

Tie Your Logo to Your Brand

If your company is a restaurant, the logo can show an element from the kitchen, like a spatula or fork. At first glance, this will help people discern the type of business. Some companies choose to use intangibles to combine their logo and brand. One technology company uses the image of a bitten apple to represent knowledge. Make sure your logo designer understands the personality and message of your brand.

A good logo designer grasps these elements and creates a unique image. The psychology of colors, shapes, and fonts as well as, consumer purchasing habits are considered during drafts. This new logo should draw the attention of your ideal prospects and be memorable for years to come.