How to Come Up with A Creative Business Card Design that Catches the Eye

The business card you create to represent your company or brand should be eye catching and memorable. If no time is taken in regard to the design that is used, it may result in the card going straight to the garbage can.

A business card is usually the first thing, beyond the representative, that people and potential customers see in regards to a business. This means it can have a huge impact on the first impression that potential clients have. With that in mind, it is easy to see why the business card design is so important. While it may be a seemingly small and unimportant piece of cardboard, the fact is, it is a point of contact with your business and you want to make sure it is memorable.

Some effective tips for creating a quality eye-catching business card can be found here.

Business Card Design that Represents Your Brand

The shape, texture and color of your business card all play a role in the effect and how memorable a card is. It is crucial that you create a business card that reflects your personality, but also provides all the information that is needed.

Include all Standard Details

While it may seem obvious, it is important to include the name of your business, the card holder’s name, email, job title and phone number on the card. Although business cards have provided the same function for years, habits have changed, which means modern ones also need to include the website, social media and QR code information for superior engagement.

Size Matters

While it may seem like a good idea to produce a larger business card so it stands out from the crowd, the fact is, this is a quick way to get it thrown away. Anything but the standard size business card will not fit in the standard wallet or rolodex.

Be Creative

Just because you have to choose a card that is a standard size, you can still differentiate a business with different shapes that fit into that size. For example, a photography company can have a card in the shape of a camera lens.

Think about your business card design and how you want to portray yourself to others. This will help you create a creative and unforgettable card that people will actually hang on to.