The Coolest Jerseys in Team Sports

team sports jerseys


What are some of the best looking teams in college and professional sports? Well today were going to talk about just that. Obviously winning games is more importantly than how you look on the field. But nothings better than winning games and looking good doing it. Right now were going to rate which teams have the best jerseys, in the professional leagues and in college sports. So let’s count down the best looking jerseys in sports.

Top 5 Jerseys in Team Sports

  1. USC Trojans

Somehow the Crimson and Gold had to make this list. A staple of college football throughout the 2000s, the University of Southern California Trojans rock their jerseys with class, and the Spartan helmet that is emblazoned in gold upon their helmet gives it the extra touch. They may not be everyone’s favorite team in college football, but it can’t be denied that their teams’ jerseys are pleasing to the eye and make Pac-12 football better looking.

  1. The Los Angeles Lakers

The purple and yellow jerseys of the Los Angeles Lakers are some of the sleekest jerseys in basketball. Maybe it’s the way Kobe and Shaq donned them in the 9o’s, or how they have hardly changed since Kareem and Magic were wearing them, these jerseys have always been a great balance between tradition and style.

  1. The Dallas Cowboys

They used to say there was a hole in the ceiling at Texas Stadium so that God could look down from heaven on his team. Whether that’s true or not, the Dallas Cowboys have always looked good in the blue and silver jerseys with that star on their helmet, and with Tom Landry and his fedora on the sidelines in the old days, they were always a sight to be seen. Unfortunately today there is no Tom Landry, but the Dallas Cowboys are still rocking the star on their helmet, and there is still a hole in the ceiling.

  1. The Oregon Ducks

Oregon is now becoming a major player in the college football scene with a Heisman Trophy winner, College Playoff appearance, and top 10 rankings the past few years. But before they were relevant in the competition they were already donning their famous jerseys. They are always sleek and always stunning with their green and yellow (and sometimes pink) jerseys. The co-founder of Nike ran track at Oregon and has made sure that they are always looking their best.

  1. The New York Yankees

Nothing in sports portrays class quite like the pinstripe uniforms of the New York Yankees baseball club. It seems that in sports you either love the Yankees or you hate them, but their commitment to excellence and tradition is reflected in the uniforms they have held true to. There have been minor changes to their uniforms and hats but for the most part they have held true to the traditional pinstripe uniforms that they have made famous.

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