Hand Press Screen Printing Provides Superior Quality

corporate screen printing

If you are looking for a print with high levels of vibrancy,  screen printing is the best option. Hand press screen printing allows for printing on unique products with curved or uneven surfaces, like a water bottle or mug. Extra labor time is necessary when printing with this method but the ink that is used during application is thicker than digital printing, which results in brighter colors and an overall quality that is unmatched.

Screen printing begins by creating a stencil and applying layers of ink on the printing surface. Each color is applied using a different stencil and the constant layering of ink achieves a bright and bold look. This method results in a superior design that will last longer.

Hand press screen printing really does create a unique visual that is hard to replicate. This printing technique can be used on a wide variety of materials and objects with ink that is very durable. You know that your logo is not dulling or fading when you choose to go with the screen printing method. Give us a call today at 561-757-5479!