Forget Company Holiday Cards- Send out a T-shirt

custom t-shirts

Year after year, companies spend countless dollars of their disposable income on a company holiday card. You find that some people will open the card, but many do not. This year, instead of sending out your traditional holiday card, send out a custom t-shirt with your company logo on it.

This is a shameless marketing tool that people will stop and think about. Not only will they admire your creativity, but they will now have your companies name in their mind and have your logo displayed on their body. Using custom t-shirt marketing increases word of mouth exposure. It is highly unlikely that anyone is talking about your holiday card from 2012, but I am sure a few of the people that received your t-shirt will mention it to a friend, family member, or coworker. You could switch up the design every year which will keep your companies name out there which in turn will bring you new business.

Making sure you have strong brand recognition is a top priority of any business. Having clients and potential clients have a piece of clothing that has your company logo on it is a way to strengthen your brand recognition. Just remember to keep your design simple. Everyone likes a free gift, but no one wants to be a walking billboard. Give Epic Promos in Boca Raton a call today at 561-757-5479 and lets start working on this years holiday hand out!