What All Goes Into A Great T-Shirt

great t-shirt

T-shirts are a fashion statement. They are a key part in helping people to express themselves and show devotion to an idea, team, or organization. People will buy t-shirts to remember trips or events that they have been to.

Custom t-shirts first appeared when the Navy issued them during the Spanish-American War. They continued to gain popularity due to the inexpensive, lightweight material they were made with. Iconic figures made t-shirts more popular as the years went on, and in the 1960’s and 70’s the hippie movement made t-shirts as much of a political statement as a fashion one. That era solidified the t-shirt as a staple of fashion. Today it’s one of the most popular forms of casual attire available, both in the United States and throughout the world.

The T-Shirt


The t-shirt’s design makes it highly functional for athletic activities. Sports teams often times practice in them because t-shirts are conducive to movement and training exercises. Everything from the material the shirt is made from down to its color plays a part in the design of the shirt.


The logo is one of the most important parts of a t-shirt, especially a custom t-shirt that is designed to promote a group or event. It’s the job of the t-shirt designer to draw the attention of those who see the t-shirt to the logo or team name. That makes the t-shirt efficient at what it is meant to accomplish, which is to promote something.


Beginning with the U.S. Navy, the t-shirt’s goal has long been the promotion of a certain team or group. Most of what goes into making a t-shirt has something to do with how it will impact the promotion of that organization. Whether it’s the team someone is playing for, or the business that it’s representing, having a t-shirt designed is one of the best ways to go about promoting something.

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